I am trying. I did a whole new take of bass for Gray Water and it sounds great. I realized that the reason I didn't DI it back in the day is because if you DI a slap bass part it is very noticeably clicky. The amp softens that. But it has mostly been managed. The fake timbales are good too but I feel like I want some real conga on it instead?

I have been playing a lot of woodwinds again because this song is very brassy/windy. I will probably not be able to play any brass on it. I am very frustrated to discover that my extremely broken metal trumpet is still more playable (with my current skills, at least) than my new plastic joke horn. What am I DOING. Conversely, it is easier to reach altissimo on the plastic flute I have than on my real flute. ????

I have not played a lot of saxophone this year. I realize this because my jaw is tired. This song had three sax parts written (alto, tenor, bari) but bari is going to be played on bass clarinet; I only have an alto sax and the tenor part is not unplayable on it but oh MAN am I rusty. Both in the altissimo range and the lowest notes. Too many pinky keys. Too many palm keys. I suppose I will have to practice a lot, like, daily. The saxophone lives in my space which is about an hour walk (or like 45 minute train/bus) from my apartment, this is not fantastic but I guess I gotta get out of the house somehow.

What else. Piano time is booked but I don't especially know if I'll be ready to take full advantage of it? One song has a short solo which is fairly winding and unorthodox but I have already internalized. The other has more of a familiar funk all-hands-on-deck piano mash solo that is mostly written but I kind of think it would be both easier and sound more appropriate (robotic) to record it as MIDI and quantize the hell out of it and send it to a cheesy piano patch. Oh, wait, maybe I'll just record it at like 75% speed and bring it up??? That could be a similar effect. Wait oh my god this is actually maybe brilliant. Hey look, updating my words pile led to something good

Uhh it is

OCTOBER 15, 2021.

What else again. I haven't figured out how to write again. I was messing around with speeding up Brands and A/Bing some of the acoustic instruments with synths and it's, not really an improvement yet. I haven't figured out the angle yet. I feel like when I was writing it in my head like 6 years ago it was very compressed and dancey. But it got less... cool, less radio-ready, just because I don't have relevant skills for that vibe. I do like the version I have recorded and I am loathe to throw it out but, it kind of feels like a demo. It feels like when I had like one $50 condenser mic in high school and would record like, bongos, accordion, stupid tiny little guitar amp (pictured), melodica, keyboard speaker, everything through that. Kind of cute and bedroomy but inept and aspirational. Uhhhh I don't know. Goodbye