JANUARY 10, 2021.

It's so weird. When this album hits, a big project I've been gradually eroding away at for now 9 years ends. And then I suddenly no longer have a hard drive full of unreleased stuff that I have to guard with my life. I don't even know if it's particularly good or bad or what, it's just... intricate. And old.

I did like 3 days of hardcore mastering and then just sort of trying to live with it in that final (eighth I want to say) master revision. Lots of time spent on visuals/text. I should probably update my website(s). Lots of off time too, because it is exhausting to think about being this close.

I did a couple tweaks to the master today, I should do more tweaks to the artwork. Compared to the previous one this album is very under-designed. But I suppose some of that is because it's digital only.

The album will go up sometime this week, I don't really know or especially care when.