Can't Turn It Off for Winamp

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Q. Did you seriously make a Winamp skin in 2022
A. Yeah
Q. Why have you done this.
A. Turns out it's easy. No one told me
Q. Do you seriously use winamp
A. Yes but primarily because my computer is 12 years old and I never found the need to install something else. But it's fine
Q. Outside of installing a novelty skin based on a small internet album from 2018, is there any good reason I should use Winamp?
A. Yes! It is March 2022, and it has been demonstrated several times over that the people in charge of the streaming services do not care about music in the way that I do. MP3 was supposed to be the solution - cheap to produce; no DRM or ads; no central authority. The money goes to the artist and the song goes to you. As people are switching away from Spotify, I would like to humbly suggest the alternative of buying the music you like.
Q. No that's not what I meant. Is there any reason why I should use Winamp above any other media program?
A. Oh. Maybe? It's literally fine. You kids like to scrobble nowadays, right? It can scrobble with the best of them. I know ~traditional~ internet radio has fallen to video streams and Discord calls, but audio-only streams are tiny, and I bet much easier to set up than they were in 2006 - and Winamp used to be The Way to connect to Shoutcast or Icecast with least resistance. (I preferred an Icecast server, and I most recently used Edcast to broadcast to it.)

Uh, and I bet Winamp is actually better now than it was in the AOL days because there's no longer any digital services for it to automatically connect to. What do you want me to say. It's like foobar but retro? I literally don't know what you want from me
Q. Do I really have to install winamp to use this??
A. Yes, sorry. Well, they stopped updating Winamp in 2013, but a former dev has been maintaining a fork called WACUP which is up to modern standards. Full disclosure - I don't really use that, I still use an older version I installed on this machine in 2010. Don't use the one released by the company who purchased the rights to the name Winamp in 2014, I have such little faith in them.
Q. Only Windows, huh.
A. You can take your chances with Winamp For Mac, last updated 2021. I think the historical program "MacAmp" which you can still find online is much too old to support this skin. And I suppose we are waiting to see if anyone ever bothers updating WebAmp to 5, but I'm not holding my breath.
Q. Okay hold up. How do I install this skin.
A. Read this. I started typing a tutorial, but then I Coogled it, and on the first page was "The PC Man Website" which says "Thank you for visiting the best site on the web." And who am I to deny the PC man website a click? Besides, copyright 1999? The PC man website is old enough to drink. Respect.
Q. Speaking of... I don't understand the way you are using Neocities. You have your own website that you pay money for yet refuse to update, and whenever you update Neocities you are always hotlinking something from there?
A. It's complicated. I'm sorry. I love Neocities.

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