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The way I write songs, and interact with language in general, is whenever I come upon an interesting phrase or word, I keep it. Sometimes I can use it later. This is the current list. Some of them have already begun to have been fleshed out a little here. And for god's sake, if you can use something here, take it. I didn't come up with half this stuff myself.

Omg wait I'm going to do an hr tag to start this

Bring a book
Hollow bones
Man into hole, hole for man - make it a meme
laughing at something on my phone
improve the algorithm

They can't all be winners

And the uproar from the media has been grossly overblown

Same haircut

Honking at a pigeon
Better call Starlee Kine
Integrated graphics
Biscuit heiress

I could double on the oboe
I could waste my time unlearning the Boehm
Double on the oboe
Till the saxophone comes back into vogue
Brian Wilson turns to Carly Rae and shrugs
Here is a song from the woodwinds to you
I got lesions on my lips

The computer don't believe me when I say I'm not a robot
Sanskrit ain't got hoot to say
Dress like an Arizona
Perfect baby
Hanging with the B-listers 'cause I'm avoiding the As
Alien hominid
Pixie cut
Ringtone went off when u was praying
Wasn't a lie when I said it

Became a normie

Friend from elementary school who cast you to the wind the second he became cool, setting up bombs, brought a sword to the post office, you wallowed in the gutter, he's back to friend you on Facebook like nothing happened

The girl who was caked, Marquis de sade and Felicia Day and the Little mermaid
She and her husband bought a house in Manitoba for 30k, he came in second at his office fantasy football and won a deli tray

Politician who talks a big game, enters office and becomes normal

CBD bath bomb

Took a decade but I did the thing I said I'd do a decade ago
I don't know what I'm owed but it's a non zero sum
What can I say, I live to serve
It is my obligation to serve

I know you and I know you'll do a bad job
In fact you're doing one right now
But I'm so vain to think I'll do a good job
You didn't have to laugh that loud

Adrian in a white Toyota Corolla
Navy recruiter in a Wendy's

Octopus Simulator
Present Company
The Merger

What have I bought into this time

Everyone I used to know figured it out in time
Gotta find new folks to be around who don't know the things I did

Like my Ps don't pop
All in, to everything

Toy Australian Shepherd Complete Owners Manual

Mutual Tolerance
Coma Selfie

One and done, two and through, three and free
Jammy dodger, iced vovo
The mummy rock cgi
New Balenciaga Logo out now
Leering and looming
Everyone wants to rent the runway

Someone reacted in the way I predicted
Somebody else reacted differently

It's not a contest but I won

Jay Z at Irving Plaza
Jay Zed at LPR
Authentic Long John Silvers
And phony KFC

You must be mistaken, there's no way a salesman lied to me 40 years ago, I was pretty sharp back then

But I never thought about how wet my bread could get
You mean my bread could get that wet?


Poke out all my eyes
Robertson screw
Sexy bestie
Dayglo vest on the dash

Only home row
No repeated characters
No dictionary words

I take a big hit of diesel exhaust but I never inhale
Van full of cops
I am inside the white van
Upstate food idiosyncrasy

High school boy says how have you been, "Well I've been hyperventilating"

I knew it from the moment they were ringing the bell
There was never any way that it could ever go well

In like my Dodge dart or something equally made up
Crescente hatchback

Did you know I used to have employees? But if I were being honest it's easier with just me
Believe it or not I've been de facto leader more times than I could count

To every sorry soul whose hall I darkened with my sallow countenance
I don't want another song about me, I don't want another song


At least I have virtues to signal

My American accent

I look like I'm on the supreme Court

I got a new lease on life and the terms are non negotiable

Don't look directly at the future
Face backwards and walk it on back
Cameraman, Zoom it
It was all a fabrication in the mind of a Child when the camera pulls out as far as it can
Onward to reality and all that
Interrupting my candy crush

There was an episode of Punk'd
Where Ashton Kutcher was the victim
And the punk was that all
Of the cameras were off

Some kind of Superman/MegaMan/Ultraman
Chased by gangsters
After the party a heat still lingers
Growing a beard
Who holds your boom mic
Drafting a long text
I pull Home Alone style heists to avoid conversations
Checkbook futurism
Chekhov's got a brand new gun
I have no patience for fantasy
Casual drug use
What are your baby's pronouns
Sell me a suit of clothes
After you, sheriff
I stole it from someone else, I don't know how he got it from you
All my normie friends
An important sword that I might want to remember later
Creeping eastward

Me and Julio Down By The Monolith
Knife Tricks
McDonald's Soy Milk
Waifu Culture
And You Will Know Us By The Inflatable Rat
Cousin In A Cult
Serial Killer Is Bae
Freon Recharge
We're All Going To Die In This Piece Of Shit Limousine
Scripted Reality

Along with everyone I stan

Gödel, Escher, Bachxtrot

The vape juice truck broke down on the highway

OK Glass recognizes that the only justice in this country is poetic.

Responsive Boat

to show my daughter how much i care, i will name a wordpress theme after her / i named my daughter after a wordpress theme

My son told me to tweet this

And you Will know us by the inflatable rat

Romantic poverty

I live in a vacuum
Momo truck
Remember your training

I thought you died when I closed my eyes
Flipping off the helicopter

The trap bass is too loud for the bass trap

32 bones in my head to polish

I already made my 6 friends, I'm not making any more

Nobody knows how to drive and neither will I
Zen and the art of repo, and learning to tow

At the concert I get on the mic and proselytize to all the senators in the crowd

My belt is a rope
From the tanning bed to the lead coffin
Speedy RT
Nothing happens for a reason

Look: performing minor household repairs

I'm flush with niacin
Open my menu
On the esplanade

It hits me like a ton of bricks
When you drop me like a bad habit
And then open up your laundry list
To consult your list of grievances

Americans are tired of shopping for puppets
Hire a puppet to go puppet shopping for them
I should've let you believe it forever
All in a day's work for a brand ambassador
We can't all die in space
I will be killed by horses

Slowly watching my battery drain
No grid
Bread In The Mail

From the seminary to the cemetery

Stand like a cop stance

A lingering camera angle

At the Christmas party, the boss will say something nice to me about all I've done, and if that moment never comes, it's just more evidence that he is DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY A MOTHMAN

Fake wallet in the back pocket
I ate 12 more ounces of corn
Filled up on bread
Six liters of senator blood
Gaming nootropic
James Becomes Jim
My belt is a rope
From the tanning bed to the lead coffin
You're wondering why I gathered you here
Work the core
I only preach to choirs
Skin me like Winamp
Security detail
The floor was heaving
Carry a balance
Corporation of ill repute
Brain scabs over
Put that on your list
I left a cinderblock on top of a police car
Every flag is flammable
His master's voice
The handshake takes too long
Some people have to work for a living
I'd kill for a water feature
The Car I Have
I have books to cook
Tendon got in the way when I wrote it on my hand
Strange animal from the basement

Big and screaming, I FEEL LIKE A GRAPE
Work the core
I did it for a minute
Something made the land all wavy
I only preach to choirs
Engrave it on a contact lens

Give away my position
You're wondering why I gathered you here today
Good friend that no one else can see

Pulled Punches
I need a ship to run

Nobody's favorite son
One track mind
I love to rely on you
I guess I'll just have to throw all this blood away
It's a shame all this blood will go to waste
Hazmat / poison control
One of my mom's ex boyfriends gave this to me, I got him a subscription to an app
You and me are more alike than it seems / we're both gunning for Emmys
Old old cowboy
Cross the threshold
Trade my way up to you
Act just as entitled
Mix you up
You act like I don't live in squalor
I can adapt instantly to exist without you
Name your boat/horse/band that, put that in a song
You were in my dream
I'm on my mobile 24 7
Elope to the chorus
A portrait of me with a golden parachute
don't leave home without it
Might Well
Talk about my crutches
Tape the wound shut
New dad
Well I am the exact same
I read you like a book
I don't like the look of him
Me and the focus group
A new way to phrase a thing I've said
That's kind of a story too
Party perm

If you R'd the FM
Grow a fourth leaf
Vertical screen
I guess I'll take it

Read receipt
Tyranny o the snare
This is he

Olympic village
I have tires to rotate
He calls me sir
I'll bear your pall
Two belts
Permanent wave

Joe sings in the third person
Mixes his metaphors on the reg
Every day I'm acting trying not to act like him
I'm sure he has other trombones
I'm sure he's more microphone
Someone ought to say something
Someone must have said something

Flavor crystals: but my palate was weak then

I don't want the ball in anyone else's court
My move

Bone exposure
Destination Kmart
I ain't gonna go till I know you're gonna stop
Not unless invited
Grey water
All my days are long
Drink the pool/bath
Pop quiz, hotshot
Warhammer and Battleaxe

By the pound / By the pound sterling
Directly competing
We're gonna run this triangle
Get my whole family involved
Watch the crane as it goes up / In the blasting area / On the scissor lift
Taking stock of what I have

Constant companion
You live in my pocket and I feed you
I can do this / This is serious business
Hearty stock
A million monkeys finally got around to it
Everything's so loud, I retreat into you
Phone you got me good

This clock on this skeletal arm
I've got so much to tell you
Sigh into my phone
Sweat beads

Find a new language to speak

Is somebody singing
Find a piece of myself in your song
Better than when I looked and found nothing but equally disturbing
Assume it's for us or for someone else

Made to order / to control the weather / not endeavor
I missed the rain

Let me read it
he's an adult
I've been hollow
Scowling in the back row
Going out of business

Capable of making changes

You know what I'm talking about
You know that I'm talking to you

Paid cash
Week of the year
Keep it/me on the up
Post broadway
The shape of my skull

I guess it's hard to drive a car
If you want to be my guest
I turn my engine on and off
In my stupid car
Hazards on
Blast the AC
Park the bus
I'll run you empty
Who drives the car
Drive onto the curb

Sucking grapefruits and poppy seeds
Knock me out
Hot coffee tonight

Easier in the past tense
Retroactively & Henceforth
Stream narrows to a trickle
Fish amoxicillin
Childish things
No data in the forest
How many emails I'm owed / I owe
It takes a while to percolate
Blink hard
Is that the ball game
Club steak keno
Brick & Blocks
Microbeads and e numbers
Not so far gone yet / this will get me nowhere
In this heat
How could I be doctor mankind?
Fire Esquire
to see a therapist outside of the office
Flash fire
I will play along
Squid and whale
Bound to work one of these times
Where was the algorithm this time
There's so much to think about
This will have to last me
Now's not the time
Batteries and sand
Timed with each footfall
So chemical, tide
How are my numbers?
You can take off a ring
I live for the content
Broadcast the psychic message
It's so easy to be wrong
I don't know at whose hands you'll break
I'll meet you downstairs in 30 seconds
Beat you over the head with the chorus
Live inside myself, internal stimulus plus voracious consumption, creativity is the byproduct
Take myself off the clock
Live in the dark
The truth rhymes
Don't you wanna be president
By orders of magnitude
Quiet enjoyment
Cold dead hands
Uncorrected proof
Plasma screen falls off the wall
He died on the way to the hospital
You won't believe how I've been spending my time
v4 On a similar note/in a similar boat
Find new ways to fill the time
You can follow me and hold my coffee
They're gonna spray me for zika
Hook Chair Fork / Tablet Brick Potato
Unlimited nights and weekends
Never let it go
Trivia town
Me and my apps
Stop my heart
Rough day on set
Planes just work, don't think about it
Seemingly parked car unexpectedly lurches forward, jolting you awake
Power tie
I'm just gonna close my eyes for a second
Time and a half
Capillary burst
More than the machine
Bullets I dodge
Off grid black out
After all,
A thing that happens once a day is not as bad as once a year
Light tunnel
Walking behind you
Remember when it was a miracle that you left the house with everything you need
Now it couldn't come sooner
Marvin Gardens
ducats flowing like grains of sand through my fingers
some calamity from the encyclopedia, cholera
Skymall, brookstone, sharper image
In full accordance with the law

drown you out
without even falling off
the autumn palette soon descends
and as your cranium distends
breathing down your neck
with every finger pointing at you
something to dress up for
wedding ring
i've been hollow / fragile
` this is not a problem
in full accordance with the law
i know i'm due for a deep clean / deep freeze
motives, intentions
CD in a cop car glovebox
i know you're there but i wish i didn't
did i chip a tooth, is my eye black, is my nose bleeding
every day i'm out there just crushing it, just killing it
if i lean in any more my hair gets in my coffee and i get coffee in my hair
Horse pill
I know you, and I know you'll keep pushing it back / sounds like you
Hard to say I admire it but I understand it
Stuck behind a cop
One ambulance pulls over for another
Gun it
Reset the ticker
everybody wins
In my sewer
On the world turtle
Mince an oath
Pi to 80 places
Raise the ceiling
Who's gonna buy my mother fucking debt