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NEW FOR 2021 - for like the past 4 years i have been writing an album of sarcastically #relatable dance music for millennials, and, separately, an album of pushy colorful early-00s rock for patent trolls and business bullies and corporate musicians. almost immediately it became clear that the two separate concepts were too interwoven. probably the only thing separating these things are one is dancy and one is not. if i finish writing the latter album i would want to record at least part of it at like a Studio, maybe with a Drummer or Guitarist. but that is so so far in the future that it doesn't matter.

anyway here is a big pile of words that i've only accumulated in the past month or so. it feels like the saturation point, i did already start finishing some half-written songs but it feels like it is time to put my nose to the grindstone. i keep using this mmmmmmmmmmmetaphor or simile but i don't know its origin. donkeys?????


uh here are the old words.

when I'm sweeping up the hair, it's not the time to think about how ugly i am
change or constant
i would not endeavor to control the weather

xylo song + control

Why Would I Be Mad? Oh You're Right

Honestly 5 is is too many fingers
They know I think it's bad.
I will do you the service of assuming you're from somewhere where it's okay to act like you do
Can't hire good 0e9ple these days
If you want something done you have to doit yourself
Cone of vision
Is that why you are the way you are
That's great but that's not what we're talking about
Guilt by association
Friends With A Robot
I only saw it after it had been deleted
Looked like me but the proportions were off
Find something new to lose sleep over
Trying to be good by not being round
I've been good, been off the internet for almost 40 minutes, a new personal best
That can be my next tweet
I exhale content
The passive voice
Enable cookies
Edit in camera
Peak In Your Teens
the eye perceives more swiftly than the hand can draw
My dad is up here
They need to invent an immutable meme
So Same We All
Immemorable. immemorial too
Learn a new love language
Everyone's mad
Everyone's mad on the internet
Let those same sides of magnets repel each other
If you're waiting for a mea culpa here it is
I will not skip your ads
None of us knew he was a vampire
Put the poison in your mouth
List of thoughts I never had
Unsent Tweets
I don't know what I am looking at
i am quietly reading
Open your mouth and see what your cat does.
Immortality Ring
Yes I'm like this all the time
I reach down out of frame and scrub the playhead further
Last Full Moon
We continue to experience this every day.
Cheyenne Sky
Worse songs have charted higher
I don't care enough about it to defend it
I can't stop breathing and I'm afraid it's going to be like this my whole life
Nothing to say and no one to say it to
And if I refuse?
I'm in the pillory getting my hands and face eroded off
Externalize your thinking
Sitting in the back of a cab trying not to breathe In th e hopes the driver might try to resuscitate me
Make no mistake
Everything short of bellowing in your face
He needs me to keep him grounded
Why would I want to do this
Am I supposed to think this is good?
Drop the knife
Let's have a glendi
An hour of time
You can watch me yoyo between ideologies
Better tweet about it
I'm a normal duck
This is how I look, this us how I always look
It's a constant
the drawing of the hand drawing the hand that is drawing itself
i hope nobody saw that
thermal paste
tedious men
he gave me all the clues
Earthquake surgery
Are you a power user
i write what i know and i know not a thing
Am I supposed to like th8s
i can feel your screenshot
Trying to remember if this is something I repressed
I can only yell so loud
There is nothing for me here.
How Long Before You Find Out?
dialect coach
Puppet box
Puppet chest
now is the time
thumb ring
long long neck
he has friends
it died or never lived

I was born in two thousand one and today it is two thousand ten

Jet Blue has turned the airline industry upside down.
Non-surviving Company
Deciding Not To Speak
Trying to patent a life hack
Do I have to
For Your Consideration
I haven't changed, I'm just doing to someone else what I used to do to you
Looking at my lawyer before I speak
arctic rim
shareholder report
Dear Fellow Shareholders,
Do it for the Zine
All Major Formats for All Major Markets


i install discord every time i have to use it (usually less than once every three months) and uninstall it once i am done

i deleted my personal facebook account in 2017 but made a new pseudonymous one like a year later to talk to like 3 people i didn't talk to anywhere else, and also to participate in like 3 groups. the groups are becoming as infuriating as the regular facebook experience was for me. but if i stop using facebook entirely that means i have to start using discord more. no thanks. i think

if pandemic had not happened i would have undergone a tiny elective surgery and that is crazy to think about. there are a bunch of little (huge) things like that that i am basically, wondering when it will be okay to start doing again. i have to start working in person again in like a month, only once a week becuase therr est of the time i am the computer man but still. i went to in person today for the first time in 400 days and it was exhausting